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When we have to talk about what can one do to just be aware that he really exists,we have first to know what we are on this planet for?? I won't answer this question however.It is up to you to answer it.As for me I'll just talk about how can one prove that he exists.

Many people think that they are living for "a living".I mean to work hard so as to live quite comfortably.That's not it at all.To live for yourself is not a good objective in life.To live only for the others is not a good one,either.So There should be a sort of poise as far as this crucial point is our topic concern.Egotistic people have no place in this world.But they can reach their objectives by just feeling the others while working for themselves.In a word,life has never been for isolate persons;it is rather a social group work.Helping each other is the main reason why people are living in the same social sphere.

I personally don't think that a person can live by his own.He needs the others to interact with him to create a suitable place for everybody to live in harmony.He needs them also to justify his existance.If no one were there to see his performance,all his work is useless,because we all work to make our life easy through making it easy for the others.It is philosophy perhaps,but clear,I suppose.Look at those palm trees.they are united in order to support each other.That's a good example.

How can you reach your goals?

I am not fit for giving advice,yet my humble experience in life has already enlightened some dark corners in man's trajectory to literal eternity. Despite all I cannot be that optemistic about what people have achieved so far. Most of what they did is not cute, smart or even acceptable. People are becoming more and more greedy on the expance of our planet. They want to have all and lose nothing,which is not the law of existing. Our planet is suffocating simply because some people want to prosper very quickly. The worst of all is that they don't think to mend what their greed have caused. These sorts of people are not aware of the reason why they are here?! Once you decide to look for an approximately clean place we'll probably be of some utility.

Mubarak Abdessalami

Somewhere in the world
where life is not
much demanding.

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It is not shameful to fall down; the shame however is to stay where you have fallen down.