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What's New ?

Because life is not static, things are evolving and constantly changing. So here I'll tell you about all that seems interesting to me.I hope the same for you.This page itself will be updated from time to time.

Virtual,isn't it?

I think people are never satisfied with what they have and they are always looking for more. If the things are looking for are an amalgamation of the material and the spiritual, they'll surely have an extraordinary equilebrium and they will never suffer bordom or loneliness. To what extant this life is valuable without having some time for one's own pleasures and relaxation. Leisure is not a job; yet it is a subordinate to it. Vertuality is the state to which man is creeping with perseverance. In order not to be a machine for coining money, give time to your body to mend itself. It deserves some remlaxation after all, doesn't it?!
Have a glance at the other pages, some new things may meet you there!